Friday, 8 July 2011

Year Two - Fossils

The Year Two students had fun making these fossil pictures - they got to use lots of different media and techniques; wire, tissue paper collage, paint and pastels. The fossil shapes stand out better in real life and you can actually feel the shape of them.  This activity was perhaps a little tricky but I think they did well.

Year Four - "Help a Child Grow"

The last few weeks of this term the Year 4's have been working together on an illustration of a book page for a competition.  The book is put out by a local group that helps students with disabilities and promotes understanding and acceptance of differences.  The students had to work in pairs on this project and it was great to see the work that they did and the wonderful way they worked with each other.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Year One - Finished Soft Toy Cats! (Inspired by Laurel Burch)

The Year One students were very excited this week to take their finished soft toy cats home.  They did a great job of sewing them - hardly any needed extra sewing to patch up 'missed' spots.  The cats all looked wonderful and had such individual personalities.