Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Year Two - Flower Power

The Year Two students created these lovely flower pictures using soft pastels and ink.  I love the contrast of the two different media.  I think the students enjoyed using the soft pastels - particularly seeing how they could blend the colours together.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Year Five - Rainforests

The Year Five students spent a lot of time working on these rainforest pictures.  They had to think carefully about the different layers of plants in the rainforest and what they look like as they drew them.  They then had to choose some rainforest creatures to add to the scene.  We talked about perspective and how things that are closer to us seem bigger.  Some of the butterflies and moths look like they have landed on the page.

Year Three - Collage flowers

The Year Three students made these collage flowers using a variety of materials.  We looked at a variety of flowers and noted the different shapes of the petals and the way the petals were 'layered' in some flowers. It is nice to see that they have all interpreted the activity in their own way.